Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marvelous Margot

Last week I had the privilege of photographing the gorgeous Margot Mallik. A beautiful woman wearing beautiful clothes in a beautiful house makes for some pretty pretty pictures. "Thanks for the opportunity, Margot!" Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    You were a pleasure to work with Kelly. Thanks for being so sweet and so professional. To me each photo is like a piece of art capable of telling a whole story. I have never done a shoot quite like this one.


  2. some people just have a special the talent

  3. Her eyes are just stunning, they really draw me into the picture.

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    This a friend of mine, I think she is always beautiful and she always takes Gorgeous pics, Miss Trinidad and Tobago contestant and the runner up for Miss Universe, you are always beautiful Margot.


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