Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alice Lewis as India Stoker - A Cosplay by Kelly Is Nice Photography

This is a cosplay featuring Alice (age 8) as India Stoker. Stoker is a hauntingly beautiful film about a strange girl and her twisted family. If you’re not into creepy things I wouldn’t recommend it. I, however love creepy and this film is exactly my type of weird. Obviously, we didn’t show this film to Alice. It’s rated R for good reasons and we wouldn’t want to give our daughter nightmares, or worse, ideas. After a viewing of the trailer and hearing a run down of India’s character she was on board. Luckily for me, the kid likes creepy.
Alice was especially excited about this shoot because she got to dye her hair, use lots of props, and take pictures in the rain. It’s not everyday she gets to play with stage blood. The hardest part about this cosplay was finding the wardrobe. All of India’s clothes are very neutral and classic. Unfortunately, those are terms not often used designing kid’s clothes but we had fun scouring thrift shops and department stores in search of all the right pieces. Luckily we already had the saddle oxfords. They’re a significant part of the movie.
This shoot took place over two days and Alice was a trooper for the whole thing. She braved bugs and heat and dirt and briars to make these pictures and I couldn’t be more proud of how well she did. She’s a truly talented model and I’m so thankful that she lets me take her picture. Our photo shoots are always an adventure and I’ll cherish the memories we make forever.

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