Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Bittersweet Series by Kelly Is Nice Photography

"Duck Duck Noose" - A Bittersweet Portrait by Kelly Is Nice Photography | "Duck Duck Noose"

"Meow I Lay Me Down to Sleep" - A Bittersweet Portrait by Kelly Is Nice Photography | "Meow I Lay Me Down to Sleep"

"Sugar and Slide and Everything Nice" - A Bittersweet Portrait by Kelly Is Nice Photography | "Sugar and Slice and Everything Nice"

"Gently Down the Stream" - A Bittersweet Portrait by Kelly Is Nice Photography | "Gently Down the Stream"
"Bittersweet" by Kelly Lewis | Kelly Is Nice Photography
Model and Muse: Iris Ray (Thank you for being willing to be a part of something that is so dear to me and may be rejected by others. Your presence and friendship in my life is invaluable. I love you forever.)

I’d like to start off by saying that although I made these images to appear aesthetically beautiful it is not my intention to glamorize the sensitive subject of suicide, but instead to reflect that no matter how beautiful this world can be there will always be those of us that will struggle with wanting to leave it. This is a series that I’ve been working on for the last couple of months that reflects a subject that is very personal to me. But what I’ve found to be true is that this “taboo” subject is personal to a lot of us. So why are we so ashamed to talk about it? Maybe if we weren’t made to feel so ashamed and weak for suicidal thoughts or attempts we’d talk about them. And if we talked about them we’d realize that we’re not alone. Obviously, there are lucky people out there that don’t understand because they’ve never been there, but there are also a lot of lucky people that have been there and not only survived but are thriving. These stories should give us hope, but they’re so seldom shared.
Suicide is ghastly, without question. These images should break your heart and make you think, please don’t go. They should also show you that no matter how perfect and happy someone appears to be you never know what burdens they carry.
If you happen to be struggling with something too heavy to hold, know that you aren’t alone and that with a few helping hands your load can be considerably lighter. Please don’t go. You’re wanted here.
  • So tell me when you hear my heart stop
  • You’re the only one that knows
  • Tell me when you hear my silence
  • There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know
     -Lykke Li

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